Brick House explanation

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I should also explain the name of the blog.  I may not like the way I look at all, but my husband is NOT of the same mindset!  God bless him!

When Denis & I were engaged we started meeting with our pastor about what we wanted in our wedding ceremony.  Karl Clauson asked us to make a list of attributes we loved about each other so that he could add them into what he would say during the ceremony.  Well my man decided to mention all my physical attributes he appreciated & told Karl that I resembled the song "Brick House."  Thus "our song" was decided on!  Karl thought it was hilarious, but chose NOT to mention those things in our ceremony... bless him!  Still the song is a wonderful memory of a very fun time.

When I'm writing about being uncomfortable with how I look I always have to come back to the words to this song & allow myself a moment to believe with all my might that my man doesn't give a rip about what I think about myself!  I love you Denis Cutter!

"She's mighty, mighty..."

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